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David Stark
Oct 01, 2019
In OM617 Swaps
Here's my truck. It's taken many years to build, but is shaping up to be really good: 1991 Jeep Comanche 1983 Mercedes OM617 7.5mm M Pump T3/4 Hybrid turbo (For now) 4.10 Gears Ford 8.8 rear axle with limited slip, & C clip eliminator D-30 up front with Aussie locker & manual hubs (This was a mistake, the diesel snapped the hubs like twigs, hopefully D44 soon) Converted to - raised - flatbed with 15 gallon auxiliary fuel tank, rear mount battery & smallish trunk / storage area. 32X12.5X15 Doomsday OM617 to AX15 adapter Doomsday thermostat housing Doomsday EGR delete This is what it looked like when purchased: Here's what it looks like today: If there is anything someone would like to see please let me know, i have many pictures & videos.
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David Stark

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