Pulleys are in the final process of production, being engraved, and are beginning to ship! Thank you to all those who pre-ordered! You helped make this new product possible!!


Why convert to serpentine? Here are the reasons that I encountered that forced me to develop this kit:


-Front-end clearance. The serpentine kit shortens the engine by over 3" compared to the stock configuration with mechanical fan. Add in some slim electric fans, and you'll still have over 2" extra clearance.


-Superchargers require serpentine. This was what originally sparked the idea of serpentine for me.


-V-belts are a pain to keep tensioned. The factory alternator tensioner sucks, to be blunt. I want to "set it and forget it". I also don't want to bloody my knuckles and spend an hour changing v-belts when 1 belt wipes out all the rest. A 3/8 ratchet and 5 mintues are all you need to change a serpentine belt. That's only 1 tool and 1 belt to keep in the glovebox for a trail repair.

The OM617 Serpentine Conversion Kit comes with 2 options.


-Newer vehicles being OM617 swapped had serpentine accessories, so this will allow newer vehicles to retain their original accessories.



You can opt for just the water pump and crankshaft pulleys  with mounting hardware. The pulleys are 6-rib, black-anodized, aluminum. The pulleys are designed to place the serpentine belt as close to the block as possible. It will be up to you to design the tensioining and idler system.


You can also opt for the Tensioner Mounting Bracket. This will line everything up with your other Doomsday brackets, such as your P/S/Alt Bracket and your A/C Bracket. This option includes the following:

-Tensioner Mounting Bracket with Idler Mount

-Idler Pulley

-All Mounting Hardware


What is not included, which you must provide:

-Short Water Pump AW9299 (may be cheaper on RockAuto): https://amzn.to/2N9mf99

-1997 Chevy Pickup 6.5 Diesel Belt Tensioner: https://amzn.to/3iBROUK

-Serpentine Belt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUSwfBuqZOg&t=268s


The short water pump is required to line up the water pump pulley with the crankshaft pulley. The belt tensioner is from a 1997 Chevy 6.5L Diesel.


I've successfully adapted the following accessories to 6-rib pulleys to work with this system:

-AD230, AD244 Alternators (comes with the correct pulley)

-Sagniaw Type-2 TC Power Steering Pump (uses Trail Gear's pulley)

-3VZ-E A/C Compressor (uses 1998 Jeep clutch kit)

-5VZ-FE A/C Compressor (uses 1998 Jeep clutch kit)


Accessories I have not yet converted:

-22R A/C Compressor

-Saginaw Type-1 - Probably need a 6.5 diesel pulley like this: https://amzn.to/3sFet7b

-3VZ P/S (probably interchanges with TC pulleys)

-5VZ P/S (comes with a 4-rib pulley but probably interchanges with TC pulleys)


This kit does not work with any of the original OM617 accessories.

OM617 Serpentine Conversion Kit